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Auckland Business Broker – Buying & Selling Businesses

John Isaac is an Auckland based award winning Business Broker who has since 1985 helped clients in Australia & New Zealand with everything connected with buying & selling businesses. This includes finding a suitable business, valuing a business, buying a business, due diligence, financing a business, finding equity partners for businesses, business acquisitions, business mergers, selling a business & giving general advice to purchasers, owners & vendors of businesses.

buying or selling a business

Time to sell? Contact John Isaac, Auckland Business Broker

He provides business broker services to business owners & business purchasers including drafting sale and purchase agreements (to save business buyers & owners significant costs) which parties may then take to their Lawyers.

When looking to buy a business, you need expert advice on many things including: what price you should pay (buyers want to minimise the purchase price), what matters to check in due diligence, what clauses to put in the sale and purchase agreement to protect yourself and many more.

When selling a business you need to do a number of things before you sell to ensure that you maximise the sale price. Business Vendors need to ensure that the terms they sell on are the best they can achieve and the sale is structured the best way to minimise risks & taxation.

John Isaac has the expert knowledge to assist buyers and sellers of businesses to make the best possible decision.

Summary: Buying or selling a business is a process with various risks attached. To minimise the risks involved when buying or selling a business, it is important to choose the best professionals to assist you.   . John Isaac is a highly experienced Business Broker who  has a proven successful track record in assisting with the purchase & sale of businesses in New Zealand & Australia since 1985.

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